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Dr. Raisen: Concierge Integrative Medicine Physician & Bio-Identical Hormones SpecialistShera Raisen, MD Integrative Medicine Physician

Dr. Raisen is an Ivy-League graduate and Board-Certified Physician since 1995, who specializes in Bioidentical Hormones for men & women. Her spa-like office is located in theBrentwood, a small neighborhood of Los Angeles.  Dr. Raisen is a member of the International Hormone Society.  As an Integrative Medicine doctor, she also practices nutritional medicine (including I.V. vitamin drips); functional medicine, and women’s health. She utilizes special lab tests, supplements, & customized compounded hormones, in order for her patients to feel their best in body, mind and spirit. She helps her patients reach goals of optimal health in all areas of their lives, including career, athletics, relationships and sexuality.
She offers in-depth, personalized Concierge Packages for Hormones and Functional Medicine.   The package allows you regular access to the doctor via office, phone or telemedicine to manage your Hormone, Nutrition and Fucntional Medicine plan!  Call the office to sign up for the customized Annual Hormonal Health package for you and your family today!

Dr. Raisen utilizes special lab tests, supplements, & customized compounded bio-identical hormones.
These special lab tests are Functional Medicine Lab tests, and a partial list includes the following:
• Adrenal Stress Index
• Gastrointestinal Panel
• Bacterial Overgrowth of Small Intestine
• Intestinal Permeability Test
• Heavy Metal Testing
• Food Allergy
• Nutrient levels in the cells
• 24-hour urine tests for Sex, Adrenal, Thyroid, Growth hormone and other hormones

The labs utilized are Genova, Diagnos-Techs, Spectracell, Doctors Data, and others. These functional tests are very helpful, especially when the “regular blood labs” look normal. Included in the thyroid work-up are tests for thyroid antibody levels.

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