Raisen Integrative Medicine

Shera Raisen, M.D.

Family Medicine Board Certified Physician

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184 East 70th Street Unit 4, 2nd Lower Level, New York, NY 10021

Dr. Raisen is an Ivy-League Educated, Board-Certified Family Physician, with Clinical Experience that covers both a wide and deep range of treating disease and improving health and well-being. Dr. Raisen's special interests include women's health and preventative medicine. She is also an expert in Bio-Identical Hormones for Women & Men; Hormonal medicine, Nutritional medicine, and Integrative Medicine.
Her other strengths include: Public Speaking, educating both patients and professionals; and adeptness in both fast-paced settings as well as concierge settings.

Dr. Raisen is a board-certified Family Practice physician who offers medical care to the whole family, including children, teenagers, and mature adults. Dr. Raisen earned her M.D. at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York City, her undergrad at Cornell University, and completed a residency program in Family Practice in Los Angeles. As a healer, Dr. Raisen believes in empowering her patients through personally tailored diagnostic and treatment plans in order to attain their optimal health. She wants her patients to enjoy a sense of well-being in body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Raisen provides care, commitment, and communication to her patients to help them achieve their health goals.

Her philosophy includes the philosophy of Dr. William Osler, one of the founders of modern medicine. He said, "It is better to know the patient who has the disease, than to know the disease that the patient has."

Dr. Raisen interviews patients about their medical concerns as well as about lifestyle including diet and exercise, family, current love relationships, career, and how they express themselves creatively.

In her free time she enjoys yoga, dance, and guitar. She has enjoyed travel and medical work experiences in Native American reservations, rural India, Nepal, Thailand, Israel, Turkey, Central America, and Europe. Her other interests and skills include sustainable living, Hebrew and elementary Spanish, and meditation.

Medical licenses: NY, CA

Dr. Raisen works with her clients as a partner in order to empower them on their path to optimal health and well being in body, mind and spirit.

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